Marathon Florida Keys Luxury Real Estate


One of the downsides of relocating to an island is sometimes the lack of amenities and services offered, but this is not  the case in Marathon, Florida Keys. With its own hospital, shopping areas and  even airport, is self-contained, this region offers everything you need not  just to survive, but also to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. This is what makes  Marathon, Florida Keys luxury real estate such a solid investment.

Marathon Florida is conveniently located almost in  the dead center of the Florida Keys. It is approximately a two-hour drive from  Miami, but its excellent airport ensures that those who need to make a quick  trip to the city can do so without the long drive. Marathon serves as the  primary commercial center of the Middle Keys, making it an ideal spot to  relocate for those looking to live the island lifestyle without giving up the  amenities and comforts of city life.

Resort-Like Amenities Await Those  Relocating to Marathon

As you shop for Marathon, Florida Keys  luxury real estate, you may want to decide which of the resort-like amenities  of the region are most important to you, and then choose a property nearby. One
of these may be the private Sombrero Country Club. This club has both an  18-hole golf course and a tennis facility that are open to members only. You cannot enjoy life on Marathon if you do
not enjoy the outdoors and, more specifically, the water. Oceanfront Marathon,  Florida homes allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the water and beach from  your home, but when it comes to actually going out on the sea, you may wish to  join the Marathon Yacht Club. This will provide you with a members-only area  for boat dockage. Regular meals and events provide for your social needs, while  the amenities of the club make boating much more convenient.

The Florida Keys Marathon Airport is a  vital amenity of the region. Whether you own your own plane or wish to be able  to charter one conveniently, you will enjoy close proximity to this airport
from any home you choose. For those who own their own aircraft, the airport  offers hangars for residents to use.

Real Estate Options for Most Tastes and  Needs ~ Marathon Florida Keys Luxury Real Estate

It does not matter if you are shopping for  a luxury condo or a single-family home, Marathon, Florida Keys luxury real  estate has you covered. One option particularly popular in this region is a  home on the banks of a canal. Here you can dock your own boat on your property,  giving you quick access the water and ocean whenever you wish. Look on the  south part of the islands to find this type of property.

Condos are also quite popular in this area.  With a condominium, you can enjoy on-site amenities and clubs while still  having your own property to live in. These can easily double as vacation rental
homes when you are not utilizing them. Marathon has its share of single-family  luxury properties as well, including many oceanfront Marathon, Florida homes. As you begin your search for the right
Marathon, Florida Keys luxury real estate, work with a qualified team of real  estate professionals who know the region well. We are that team. Feel free to  browse our list of available properties or give us a call today to discuss your  needs.